Carbohydrate deficient transferrin

Carbohydrate deficient transferrin

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The CDT carbohydrate, deficient, transferrin ) blood test is a marker for prolonged heavy alcohol consumption.

A simple method for carbohydrate - deficient transferrin .


Laboratory diagnostics of alcohol intoxication .

Kulhydratfattigt transferrin (CDT)

Deficient, transferrin, assays Useful .

Healthcare Bluebook - Procedure Details

Understanding CDT Blood Tests .

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Questions related to alcohol consumption and a blood draw are already a standard part of every preoperative physical exam. .


To determine expediency of carbohydrate deficient transferrin assessment for diagnostics of alcohol intoxication. At investigation of the integral amount of carbohydrate deficient transferrin pathological abnormalities were found in 36 patients (76,6). .


Screening using serum percentage of carbohydrate - deficient transferrin for congenital disorders of glycosylation in children with suspected metabolic disease. .


Carbohydrate - deficient transferrin (CDT) is known to be increased in alcohol abuse. We describe a greatly simplified isoelectric focusing technique which does not require immunofixation. .


To evaluate expediency of testing for carbohydrate deficient transferrin for diagnostics of alcohol intoxication. .


For overall 978 patients with liver cirrhosis (LC) were investigated. .

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