Diet plans of supermodels

Diet plans of supermodels

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And yet, even the world s best bodies have to put in the proverbial work, approaching their high-intensity training schedules with the focus of a professional athleteand, in many cases, homing in on the precise healthy eating plan that will keep them photo-ready 365 days. When it comes to the latter. When you set out to lose weight, your goal may to be as slim and trim as the people you see on the cover of fashion magazines. To help you on your way, supermodel, kelly Bensimon has created the 3-Day.

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Supermodel Diet, which also includes an exercise plan. If you re interested in a lifestyle change, you. .


Supermodel Diet can help you lose 3-5 pounds by following a strict diet for 3 days a week. The rest of the week you should eat a well-balanced diet. .


Victoria S secret 2017: The diet plan the models follow to get in shape for the catwalk show has been revealed. Take supermodel, miranda Kerr for example - with her strong, toned, slim physique, you d be forgiven for thinking the former Victoria s Secret model survived on a diet of sad kale smoothies, plain grilled chicken breast and seeds. .


But you d be wrong. According to her former chef, Kerr s diet is all about. .


From eating grilled cheese everyday to incorporating veggies into pretty much everything, these twelve models revealed their diets (and eating. 12 Models Reveal What They Really Eat to Stay in Shape. .


The 28-year-old Victoria s Secret model is all about convenience when planning her meals. Meet the four healthy food plans responsible for keeping these supermodels bikini ready every day of the week. .


For last year s big runway show, Doutzen Kroes was faced with a predicament: she couldn t really diet or cut back on calories because she was breastfeeding. .


She did, however, nix sugary foods. But I just made sure to cut out all the bad foods, like sweets and chocolate, because that s not good for the. .

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